The Mill & LabandField Design Challenge Winner from Chelsea

The Winner of the Student Design Challenge is:
Andreea Dumuta, Chelsea for her project, “The Dining Little Cubes”

Judge, Nils Kloth from The Mill said, “great idea which was beautifully edited and music and drama work well together. Entertaining and engaging

Highly Commended
Yi Ju Tsai, Chelsea for his project “The Lift”

Judge Dan Lockton said, “both the Dining Little Cubes and The lift try to increase social interaction by providing a kind of trigger. I particularly like the way that the Lift interface is explained via the animation, including the opportunity for one lift passenger to help out another person.”

See Yi Ju Tsai’s project below 

Finally, very well done to all the participants for engaging deeply with the subject matter and finding a personal way to suggest a solution. We greatly appreciated the creative thinking embedded in the work and for many the effort and endurance in tackling the medium of digital film and animation for the first time.

Many Congratulations to all that took part!!
Sadhna Jain

Kind thanks to the Graduate School at Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL for supporting this event and for promotions.

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