Imaginaria Festival Spain – Art Residency

Imagineria is an annually organized photography festival taking place in Castellon (Spain). For their 15th edition, they are inaugurating a residency program in partnership with University of Arts of London, supported by the UAL Postgraduate Community.

The residency revolves around the photographic medium but can be widely interpreted to create multi-media projects. We are asking participants to look at how the identity of the sea-side town has been influenced by environmental changes.

Student, Miles Johnson  has been selected to participate where he will undertake the following;


My work is an examination of activism. Empowering people is everything. My work invites interrogation in the sense that those who view it are prompted to interact with and reflect upon a story or concept within a broad context. For Imagineria i will explore the absurdity of review culture and tourism. To do this I will build an augmented reality application of iOS devices that displays places, events, and their rating (0-5 stars) around the user. I will interview locals and identify quotidian and oft-overlooked places in Oropesa del Mar that have meaning for them.


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