Souvenirs for the Future at Tate Exchange, Tate Modern


A group of the MA Graphic Design Communication Students organised and ran a workshop for the public at the Tate Modern, as part of the programme of events within Tate Exchange .

The workshop entitled, ‘Images of the Past: Souvenirs for the Future’ asked participants to reflect on their relationships to objects of everyday living and culture. By sending the objects into the future, participants were able to rethink the values of human interactions, community and the role of material forms as part of this.

See the images below to understand the process of the workshop


The Project workshop delivery was financially supported by the Student Union, University of the arts London,  and the post production was supported by UAL Alumni: Zhivko Dimitrov, Hiawatha Bradley, Nicklas Jonsson, Kwang-su Kim, Cho Hyunsang, Ji-Ah Park.

As a counterpoint to the workshop production, Common Works studio demonstrated  their design research project made in co-operation with ceramicist, Natalie Strachan. The project demonstrated a process by which a sound recording made by an individual can be captured online and used to alter the surface shape and texture of a ceramic vessel before it is cast. This creative idea re-opens the traditional consumer production process and gives space for the individual to have a more personalised connection to objects in their daily life.


See a video of this project here 






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