Work In Progress Show

The Work In Progress show took place during 1st April – 3rd April. This included a special industry event designed to give students an opportunity to receive feedback and discuss the next steps of their projects. Over 15 different professional London based designers pledged their support of this event and attendance.


Sound Portal Performances


Two Graphic Design students, Annik Kuan and James Holland, contribute to the extraordinary sound pieces composed especially for the sound portal, designed by Arup. The portal is part of a collaborative project across UAL called Sounding Space, which includes a symposium. Read about the project further at

The very dynamic collective/organisation Jotta; Dan Price, their Creative Art Director, gave feedback to the MAGDC students of the Counter Cartography project which took place in the dramatic Triangle gallery/project space on site at Millbank. See the slideshow here

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Award; European Collaborative Design Project 2012-13

MA Graphic Design Communication course at Chelsea has succeeded in obtaining a special project funding from Erasmus with partners in Madrid, Crete, Brussels, Porto for 2012 -2013. This project will be part of the range of special projects offered to students studying during this academic year.

Street Type by Spy, Madrid

The project will focus on design methodologies for cross cultural experiences in city environments. The project will benefit from supervising tutors in the partnership who are specialists in Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Photography and Digital Media

This will be a very exciting inter disciplinary project, allowing discrete specialist practices to be brought forward whilst shaping creative approaches through collaboration with the cross European team.

If you are lucky enough to have a place on MA Graphic Design Communications at Chelsea for 2012-13 then we look forward to working with you on this project soon!

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