Memories of the Future Publication

A publication made as creative participation within the Memories of the Future conference, 2nd and 3rd may 2014. The publication set out to create a ‘dialogue’ with the conference delegates by exploring 8 of the conference paper presentations in advance of the event. Visual and textual responses made by the students were designed and edited together into one publication. We are particularly excited by this opportunity as it allows Masters students to collaborate with leading academic experts from around the world from different disciplines, as well as giving the students a project to co – design. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the publication after the conference please email <>. MOF dsc011

Students Exhibit at the KK Outlet


Current MAGDC students, Alistair Owen (UK) and Celcea Tifani (Indonesia) have been selected to have their work displayed at a new KK Outlet exhibition, in response to the organiser’s launch of The Book of Everyone. The students were asked to produce a piece of work which responds to one of the ‘Factoids’ provided.

European Street Design Challenge

A team of students from MA Graphic Design Communications and MA Interior Spatial Design  from Chelsea, developed this adventurous idea, Water Lilly Multi User Platform and early prototype for the European Street Design Challenge 2013, held again in Paris, as part of the Futur en Seine Festival. The Water Lilly proposal had both physical constructs and digital elements (physical computing and online communications)

Team members were: Prudence Djajadi (Indonesia), Antzelina Papaioannou (Greece), Haobo Chen (China), Hiroshi Ito (japan).

See their wonderful results in the slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Award; European Collaborative Design Project 2012-13

MA Graphic Design Communication course at Chelsea has succeeded in obtaining a special project funding from Erasmus with partners in Madrid, Crete, Brussels, Porto for 2012 -2013. This project will be part of the range of special projects offered to students studying during this academic year.

Street Type by Spy, Madrid

The project will focus on design methodologies for cross cultural experiences in city environments. The project will benefit from supervising tutors in the partnership who are specialists in Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Photography and Digital Media

This will be a very exciting inter disciplinary project, allowing discrete specialist practices to be brought forward whilst shaping creative approaches through collaboration with the cross European team.

If you are lucky enough to have a place on MA Graphic Design Communications at Chelsea for 2012-13 then we look forward to working with you on this project soon!

Street Design Challenge Paris

LabandField, led by Sadhna Jain will be directing a group of  students from the MA Graphic Communication Design Course from Chelsea College of Art and Design, and a recent UAL graduate, to participate in an enterprising and socially responsible design project; European Street Design Challenge, held in Paris June 2012. Sadhna will also be mentoring other groups of participants from China, Netherlands, and France during this time.

The group is kindly sponsored by the Enterprise Office at CCW , University of the Arts, London. Many thanks Alanah and Elizabeth!
This is an international design challenge project which requires the designers to bring together the most creative and practical uses of communication design and digital technologies for an urban environment application.
We will be sharing the stage with participants from China, Netherlands and France.

The design challenge highlights these important points
*Greater awareness and use of digital technologies, tools, prototyping and open, collaborative methodologies in the design of innovative, sustainable and desirable urban design solutions
*Growth of “organic” understanding and collaboration between designers, resident communities and policy makers; integration of the Cultural and  Industries as a critical regenerative force within the community

The Mill & LabandField Design Challenge Winner from Chelsea

The Winner of the Student Design Challenge is:
Andreea Dumuta, Chelsea for her project, “The Dining Little Cubes”

Judge, Nils Kloth from The Mill said, “great idea which was beautifully edited and music and drama work well together. Entertaining and engaging

Highly Commended
Yi Ju Tsai, Chelsea for his project “The Lift”

Judge Dan Lockton said, “both the Dining Little Cubes and The lift try to increase social interaction by providing a kind of trigger. I particularly like the way that the Lift interface is explained via the animation, including the opportunity for one lift passenger to help out another person.”

See Yi Ju Tsai’s project below 

Finally, very well done to all the participants for engaging deeply with the subject matter and finding a personal way to suggest a solution. We greatly appreciated the creative thinking embedded in the work and for many the effort and endurance in tackling the medium of digital film and animation for the first time.

Many Congratulations to all that took part!!
Sadhna Jain

Kind thanks to the Graduate School at Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL for supporting this event and for promotions.

Moving Image Student Design Challenge

A moving image student design challenge has been launched and is led by Sadhna Jain: Lab and Field, in conjunction with The Mill. This international design challenge will be hosted by the Graduate School, CCW, University of the Arts London.

Theme: This competition sets out to find creative and intelligent designers or artists who have a talent for storytelling/narrative techniques within digital film making or motion graphics that can be used to generate speculative ideas or future scenarios about human – object interactions in our world.

The winner will receive a paid internship in the Digital Contents Department at the Mill and contributions for travel to the award evening, to be held in March 2012. A selection of work will also be promoted through The Mill and at a design conference later in the year.

The Judging Panel:
The Mill | |
Dan Lockton | |
Sadhna Jain | ||

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